Strings And Things…

So you’ve learned a bunch of chords and few dozen songs. Is it time to change your strings? Probably not, unless you’ve broken one! Uke strings can last a long time!

Still though, when it’s time to change your strings, we’ve got you covered.

And by we, we mean Vintage Instruments in Center City Philly. But when you do get your strings, feel free to bring them to your lesson and we (The Philadelphia Uke Studio) will teach you how to change them. It’s a fun process that everybody should know.

What about other stuff you need for making music? Well Vintage Instruments can help set you up with straps, books, tuners, whatever you need! And we can help you pick them out. And we’ll also happily install a strap button on your beloved instrument so you can attach a strap! We keep a stash of them for this very purpose.

Rock out with maximum comfort and efficiency.

Reach out if you have any questions!

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