Learn Chords!

…And so much more!

We can teach you the chords to all of your favorite songs. Any song on your mind, it will be a pleasure. No transcription previously available? We will make quick work of learning it, to teach to you.

What’s more, we can teach you how to decipher any and all music you wish to learn, accompany, rework, and understand!

At the Philadelphia Uke Studio we are firm believers in empowering our students to be able to achieve their goals, both short and long term.

As such, we advocate a diet of technique, theory, and repertoire:


Learn how to hold your instrument. We may then move to proper strumming and fingering techniques, of which there are many. We have ways to teach them all! All that support and excite the student, and lead to very satisfying and deft playing.


Music theory is really more than its name would imply. It’s actually a proven system to understand any music you hear, learn, play along to. It allows you to play what you hear on the radio, what’s in your head, or improvise with your friends, or along to recordings of your favorite musicians.

You can learn the basics in a lesson or two, and then you’ll find yourself excelling unprecedentedly.

All that’s left is to apply the theory to the songs you play and love! Which brings us to…


This is what it all comes down to! We want to play music!

Learn your favorite songs! The Philadelphia Uke Studio will teach you how to play anything. And properly!

When you learn the songs and the sounds you love, everything will be tied together. Your hands will learn to effortlessly repeat your favorite rhythms, chords, and melodies. And the theory will help you understand what makes them so great, or how to make them even better!

This is the musical power you deserve, and it is just within reach.

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